A bird in the hand is worth two in the taxi?

We’ve so enjoyed having our parents to stay these last three weeks and have showed them the sights and sounds of Kalene, both the hospital and the surrounding area.  There aren’t many tourist attractions in these parts but we’ve used our imagination and walked to the top of Kalene Hill, visited the hydroelectric dam and the source of the Zambezi River and spent an afternoon at nearby Hillwood Farm visiting the children’s home.

Hillwood Children’s Home are just delighted about all the clothes, toys and other things donated by Brabourne and New Brighton Baptist Churches, APH Occupational Therapy Dept and Sharon Payne – thanks so much!  More about that in the next blog!  Mum and Dad x 2 loved meeting the kids and were mobbed the moment they arrived!

Since then we’ve had a great two weeks holiday and started off by travelling to South Luangwa to see some amazing animals and birds.

Next was the ‘Doug Haynes Malawi Roadtrip Experience’!  Dad worked as a teacher with VSO in a school in northern Malawi back in the 1970s and wanted to return to see how much had changed.  We were warmly welcomed by the headteacher, the deputy and one of Dad’s original pupils – now forty years older!  We were asked to speak at a special assembly with about thirty seconds notice!  Towards the end of the day we had a small communication mix-up.  Dad’s old pupil asked me if he could give me a Coke.  I said “Ooh yes please!”  He disappeared and turned up around twenty minutes later with a live COCK (cockerel) and a guineafowl!  It was so kind of him to give us a present so of course we had to accept but keeping a cockerel and a guineafowl under control in the taxi on the way back to our lodge was quite a challenge!

Meanwhile Phil’s parents, Dave and Sylvia, were exploring Lake Malawi’s south shore.  We all met up again at the end to visit the mighty Victoria Falls.  We were joined there by my good friend Anna who is one of my O&G colleagues from Sheffield.  She’ll be travelling back to Kalene with us and spending two weeks at the hospital.  The Zambezi river was certainly a lot bigger than the tiny spring we saw when we visited the source of the river two weeks earlier.  Perhaps a geographer or a mathematician could work out whether the water we saw at the source of the Zambezi reached Victoria Falls before or after we did two weeks later?  Answers on a postcard please!  It was an awesome sight and we got pretty wet from all the spray.

I got attacked by a very cheeky baboon while we were there.  It decided it wanted my bag and jumped onto my back from behind.  Phil and my dad gallently chased it away!  You can see my battle wounds on the photo below!  At least I’ve got a wild animal story to tell the grandkids now!

We waved our parents off to the UK on Saturday.  We’re now on the final leg and travelling back to Kalene on Monday 21st.  More soon!

Lots of love, Tess & Phil xx

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2 Responses to A bird in the hand is worth two in the taxi?

  1. Laura says:

    What did you do with the birds after the taxi ride?!

    • Tess bonnett says:

      We gave one to the barman and one to the cook at the place we were staying! They were very pleased!!

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